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Etalentum is the first 100% online recruitment company in Spain. We are a young, dynamic and innovative company, with a team of highly specialized professionals in staff recruitment.

Our growth model is based on the creation of a franchising network to which we bring value with all our knowledge and technology.
 Hiring rates are growing in Europe
Start-up in 90 days
In three months you will become an expert of the sector and start your business.
High profitability
The cost structure is designed to boost your growth and maximize profitability.
We provide all the technology
You will have from the first moment of the technological platform that the great multinationals use.
Video interviews
You will have a secure video interview platform and you can select professionals anywhere in the world.
Etalentum Headquarters
Edifici La Pista
C/Anselm Clavé nº2, 2n 4a
08500 Vic (Barcelona) Spain
Girona offices
C/Migdia, 37 2D
17002 Girona - Spain
Barcelona offices
Ronda General Mitre 126
6a planta
08021 Barcelona - Spain
Sabadell offices
Carrer Girona 107
08203 Sabadell (Barcelona) - Spain
Madrid east offices
Manuel Tovar 42, 2a planta
28034 Madrid - Spain
Madrid west offices
Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta 1, 4a planta
28004 Madrid - Spain
Elche offices
C/Juan Herrera 5, office 14
03203 - Elche (Alicante)
Murcia offices
Avenida teniente Montesinos, 8
30100 - Espinardo (Murcia)
 +34 902 75 76 20
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