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Descripción de la oferta
We are looking for an English School Director for the Rome (Italy) Center of a Worldwide English schools? company in continuous growth. The mission of the post is managing a language school and monitor the day-to-day running of the school.

Duties of the post:
- Manage the internal staff: recruit candidates and organise the school's HR, coordinating and motivating all the teachers.
- Optimise both the human and material resources of the school.
- Guarantee the correct management of the school.
- Manage teachers' timetables and classrooms at the school.
- Organise the class timetables, as well as any activities that may take place in the school (summer activities, lessons for adults at unusual times...).
- Plan the various courses to be taught.
- Maintain direct contact with the parents of the students, receive and manage any issue that may arise in relation to them.
- Inform parents and convey both trust and confidence to them at all times.
- Organise the school's groups and classes.
- Maintain an open channel of communication with clients.
- Administrative tasks related to the management of the school: requesting material, carrying out stock inventories, generating invoices, payment collections, controlling the various invoices, etc.
- Develop and implement the local Marketing Plan.
- Execute the process of selling the courses.
- Supervision of the academic coordination of the school.

Needs of the post:
- The profile corresponds to a person who is enterprising, ambitious, sociable and capable of managing a language school. Someone who shows passion and excitement to be working with children and in the world of the little ones. A dynamic and organised person with business skills and able to manage a team of people.
- Frequent user of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point), e-mail and social networks.
Estudios mínimos
- University training, preferably in management.
Experiencia mínima
- Previous experience in a similar position will be valued, although it is not essential.
- We expect an organised person who is used to managing teams of people with a clear profile and ability to sell as well as being client and results oriented.
Idiomas mínimos
- Proficiency level in English. It is recommended to verify the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).
- Knowledge of other languages is also valued.