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Descripción de la oferta
We are looking for an industrial plant manager for an industry located in Manresa, among his main tasks, he will be in charge of production control as well as making sure that all quality criteria are met
Working under standards of maximum rigor and quality, Its main functions will be aimed at achieving excellent productivity and quality, reporting directly to the operations manager.

Your main responsibilities:
- Accurate and high-quality execution of all the tasks, reporting to the operational manager.
- Management of the company and achievement of the group's goals
- Implementation of company policy in accordance with ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 45001 and to all group standards
- Independently, in the absence of orders or the absence of the immediate manager, professional, conscientious, diligent and high-quality completion of work times

Your main tasks:
- Creation and monitoring of the implementation of monthly and daily production plans
- Participation in the processing of new inquiries
- Supervision and coordination of the work of all departments at the location
- Organization and supervision of working hours
. Control of payroll of all employees
- Supervision of orderliness and organization of maintenance of orderliness and cleanliness of the working environment

Occasional tasks:
- Participation in the adoption of a new product or technology
- Cooperation with subcontractors
- Other related jobs in accordance with the possibilities, nature and type of work.
Estudios mínimos
Chemical, industrial or similar engineering studies are required.
It will be positively valued to have additional knowledge such as master's degrees related to the place of employment offered.
Experiencia mínima
We are looking for a senior professional with an extensive professional background of around 10 years of experience occupying similar workplaces.
The person we are looking for must have experience in both team leadership and production control in an industrial plant.
Having a good knowledge of the ISO 9001, 14001 and 4500 quality standards will be essential.
Idiomas mínimos
High level of English is required, C2.
Requisitos valorables
Good adaptation to the environment, decision-making capacity, team leadership are some of the valuable skills for the position.
Experience in the chemical sector or similar will be positively valued.