• Computing
  • Comarca d'Osona, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary 20.000-25.000 euros/year
  • 54 registered
Offer description
For the Corporate Group of the Comarca of Osona, we selected an Administrative Officer for the facilities department. Its main responsibility will be to plan the company's facilities, in coordination with the technical department.
Its functions will be:
- Plan, together with the Department Manager, the different installations / interventions of the company and the day to day of them.
- Monitoring of planning
- Being in constant contact with customers, in order to coordinate the dates of each intervention or installation.
- Being in permanent contact with the technical department, in order to be able to allocate resources to each project.
- Coordinate and fit the team with the needs.
- Close the interventions.
- Control the quality of the interventions.
- Control the documentation and parts issued.
- Participate in the continuous improvement of the department, making proposals for improvement in the planning process and documentation processes.
Minimum studies
We are looking for a person with professional training in Business Administration and Management, Business Administration or ADE.
Minimum experience
Experience in planning and management of teams, Experience in project management
Minimum languages
Catalan and native Spanish.
Those with knowledge of English and French will be assessed.
Assessable requirements
Se valorará aquellas personas que hayan trabajado o tengan conocimientos de instalaciones de equipos.