Etalentum premium

Etalentum: find the best
Etalentum premium is the brand of the group specialized in the search of intermediate controls for junior and senior positions. We select the best professionals individually according to the characteristics of your company and the profile of the candidate you are looking for.

Etalentum premium

Finding excellent professionals is the main key of a company: training success teams reverse in a good business development. We understand exactly the requirements and skills that are sought in a middle staff recruiting and we provide the best candidates through our proximity offices, which are area specialists.
Why Etalentum premium?
Selección de personal a éxito
Selection by success
Pay only if we find the right person for your company.
Selección de personal por competencias
Total guarantee
Our guarantee covers any circumstance. We carry out a new selection if the person does not adjust to your company.
Atención personalizada
Specialized consultants
We have specialized consultants with more than 10 years of experience in each sector.
headhunting con garantía
Cost savings
A successful selection will reduce the rotation rates of your company.
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Premium featured offers

Product Manager
Barcelona, Spain
For a company with a consolidated track record in the FMCG (Modern Distribution) Food sector which is in an important phase of growth nationwide.
Sales Area Manager
Madrid, Spain
For the first office in Spain of an European company specialized in the development of applications focused on the management of social benefits for employees.
Production Manager
Girona, Spain
To manage a team of 25-30 people in an important company of the graphic arts sector.
Production assistant
Girona, Spain
For an important wholesale company located in the region of La Selva.

Premium consultants

Our premium consultants are experts in the selection of intermediate controls. They have extensive experience in the search of different profiles in each one of the sectors of activity which we work with.