• Consultancy
  • Maresme, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary 15.000-20.000 euros/year
  • 401 registered
Offer description
For Maresme's purchasing management consulting company, we select the Purchasing Administration with Excel domain.

Its functions will be:
- Introduction and analysis of customer data.
- Follow-up of tenders.
- Comparative analysis tend.
- Control of costs and claims.
- Elaboration of monitoring reports of cost control.
- Support department of Transportation.

It offers:
- Stable position in a growing company.
- Salary depending on the experience provided.
Minimum studies
- Must have completed at least a baccalaureate degree.
Minimum experience
- Experience of at least 2 years in purchasing department.
- High mastery of Excel.
Minimum languages
- Spanish: native.
- Catalan: native.
Assessable requirements