• Engineering
  • Comarca Osona, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary 30.000-35.000 euros/year
    • Variable salary
  • 65 registered
Offer description
For engineering company of the Region of Osona, we selected Responsible of Workshop of Mechanical Engineering. In close relationship with the Design Department of the company, the person to be selected must carry out and coordinate the assembly of machines for the automotive, cosmetics, pharmacy and food industry in the company's workshops, make the necessary adjustments and modifications for its Put into operation in test mode and finally make its installation in the premises of the Customer. The person being selected must direct and coordinate a team of 3 people, with whom he will assemble, assemble and start up the industrial machinery manufactured by the company. I am looking for a responsible, professional, serious and proactive person, with the desire to grow personally and professionally in a dynamic, young and multidisciplinary team.
Minimum studies
No specific training is required. It will be valued that the candidate has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Minimum experience
Looking for a person with a minimum of 3 years of experience in a workshop related to the mechanics sector for the automation of industrial processes. The person must be skilled in the use of the milling machine and the lathe of the company, to be able to carry out the tasks of modification of pieces
Minimum languages
Catalan and Spanish written and spoken. Knowledge of English will be appreciated.
Assessable requirements
Se valorará especialmente la capacidad de relación para con los clientes, aspecto especialmente necesario para la realización del montaje y puesta en marcha de la maquinaria en las dependencias del cliente.