• Industry in general
  • Osona Nord, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary not specified
    • Variable salary
  • 91 registered
Offer description
For industry of the automotive sector we selected a mechatronic technician.
Its main responsibilities will be:
- Diagnose problems in machines and installations, repair and maintain industrial electrical and electromechanical circuits.
- Acting against mechanical breakdowns of machinery and installations.
- Assembly of industrial electrical and electromechanical circuits. Programming of automata.
- Proposals for improvement in the assembly to improve the safety and productivity of the machines (barriers, sensors ...).
- Ensure the correct implementation of preventive maintenance of machines and facilities.
- Communication with external services for the required actions:
· Low and High voltage.
· Communications and telephony services.
· Intrusion and alarms.
·Fire protection facilities.
· Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant.

It is offered:
- Stable position in a consolidated company.
- Salary according to variable agreements depending on production.
- Evening or night schedule (from 14 - 22h or from 22 - 6h).
Minimum studies
- Professional Training of Middle or Higher Degree in Mechatronics or similar.
Minimum experience
- Knowledge and experience in electronics and industrial and also pneumatic, hydraulic and robotic electricity.
- Knowledge of industrial mechanics.
- Knowledge of TPM, preventive maintenance.
- Knowledge of electrical diagrams.
- Knowledge of PLC.
- Experience in manufacturing machinery and industrial facilities.
- Knowledge of safety regulations for industrial installations and equipment.
Minimum languages
- Catalan: Native.
- Spanish: Native.
Assessable requirements