• Services
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary 20.000-25.000 euros/year
    • Variable salary
  • 39 registered
Offer description
Functions and responsibilities
-Customer acquisition. Our clients are all establishments located in the main tourist areas of the cities.
-Active training of the personnel that is in the points of sale so that they can satisfactorily offer the service to the tourist.
-Customer loyalty and maintenance of the same, informing and always offering the news that we have.
-Feedback to the company of market needs
We seek people with the following attitudes and skills:
-Commitment, determination, patients, dynamic and responsible to work with enthusiasm and dedication
Minimum studies
Higher qualification.
Minimum experience
It is essential that you have sold products or services to businesses to have at least one contact that has the power to make decisions. Commercial experience of at least three years is required.
Minimum languages
It is not essential for the position to be proficient in any language, but English proficiency will be highly valued given that the business is international in scope and we will develop the commercial department not only in Spain but in the main countries that receive shopping tourism in Europe. .
Assessable requirements
Habilidades personales
-Saber escuchar, tener buena memoria, ser creativo, tener espíritu de equipo, autodisciplina, asertivo, don de gentes y empatía.

Habilidades comerciales
-Para captar clientes, cultivar buenas relaciones con ellos y saber reconocer sus necesidades.