• Industry in general
  • Maresme, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary not specified
  • 79 registered
Offer description
For a company located in the Maresme region, dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial machinery, we select a designer with knowledge of SolidWorks. It will also be responsible for the management of stoks and negotiation with suppliers.

It requires:
- Extensive knowledge of SolidWorks.
- Valuable knowledge of SolidCAM or similar.
- Experience in 3D design of industrial machinery.
- Leadership.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
- Development of 3D mechanical designs.
- Take care of the quarterly purchase program for the components.

It is offered:
- Full day from Monday to Friday.
- Immediate incorporation.
- Indefinite contract.
Minimum studies
- Vocational Training or similar.
Minimum experience
- Experience in the design of industrial machinery.
Minimum languages
- Catalan and/or Spanish high level.
- English medium level.
Assessable requirements