• Services
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary not specified
  • 124 registered
Offer description
For an important company in the cleaning/facility services sector, we selected an administrative to support the operations department.

Its main functions/responsibilities will be:
- Planning of services (calendars, development of quadrants, plannings, work routes, etc.)
- Administrative management of quality control, as well as reporting on it.
- Control of delivery notes of the services/program control of services.
- Customer service and management of the corresponding incidents.
- Follow-up control of access to work centers.
- Carry out the search and selection of personnel to cover the possible downsizing of personnel in the client's center.

It offers:
- Indefinite contract in Barcelona capital.
- Be part of a consolidated company in the facility sector.
Minimum studies
- FP or university degree.
Minimum experience
- 3 years experience in the management of customer services, facility services and/or related sectors such as security and/or maintenance companies.
Minimum languages
- Catalan: native.
-Spanish: native.
Assessable requirements
- Dominio informático del paquete Office.
- La persona debe demostrar competencias de empatía, y acostumbrada a trabajar bajo presión.