• Industry in general
  • Vallès Oriental, Spain
  • Contract
    • Indefinite
    • Full-time
    • Fixed gross salary not specified
  • 41 registered
Offer description
For an important company in the packaging sector, located in Vallès Oriental, we selected an experienced Electromechanical Editor.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
- Assembly of the assemblies, parts and components that form a machine.
- Assembly of the protection elements and guards. - Assembly of the pneumatic drives and installation of pipes and fittings.
- Installation of the electrical panel.
- Assembly and installation of the detection elements.
- Assembly of the electric drives. - Connection of the electrical elements and the electrical panel.
- Signal tests, PLC program load and tracking and adjustments.
- Sequence of operation.
- Disassembly and preparation for shipment.

At the client's facilities, the following tasks will be carried out:
- Positioning, alignment, leveling and anchoring of the different parts of the installation.
- Connection.
- Signal tests.
- Funcionality test.
- Test in production.
- Training for the client's staff.
Minimum studies
- Vocational Training of Higher Degree or equivalent.
Minimum experience
- At least 5 years of experience in a similar position.
Minimum languages
- Catalan: High level and/or native.
- Spanish: High level and/or native.
- English: Medium level.
Assessable requirements