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Etalentum Selection, S.L. has participated in the ICEX-Next Export Initiation Program, and has had the support of ICEX and co-financing from European FEDER Funds. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

Welcome to Etalentum

Recruitment specialists

We are dedicated exclusively to the headhunting of intermediate positions, managers and highly specialized profiles. We are experts in the search of professionals in commercial, financial and technical areas. We have an international division to support all our clients.
Selección de personal a éxito
Specialized consultants
We will assign you a consultant who will guide you throughout the selection process from the beginning to the final contract.
Selección de personal sin exclusividad
Selection by success
Pay only if we find the right person for your company.
Headhunting con trato personalizado
No exclusivity
Do you have different providers? We like the challenges and we will not demand exclusivity.
Garantía total en headhunting
Total guarantee
Our guarantee covers any circumstance. We carry out a new selection if the person does not adjust to your company.
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Our proximity offices

At Etalentum we have offices throughout the country that provide a personalized service through specialized consultants. A support of quality requires a proximity service.

Etalentum Selección

Etalentum executive
Etalentum executive
Headhunting of executives, high executive positions
and highly specialized profiles
Etalentum premium
Headhunting of intermediate positions and
senior management positions
Etalentum premium
Main sectors we work with
Digital & eCommerce
Companies with presence in the online world; communication, advertising and multimedia agencies, and companies that develop a digital activity and/or related to e-commerce.
Secondary sector companies such as automotive, food, rail, construction, logistics and energy efficiency, among others.
Third sector enterprises: companies of uniform activities, project management or combined services, for example, transport, banks, consultancies, insurers, etc.
Telecommunications & technology
Organizations of the ICT sector, from new high-tech companies in the initial stage, startups in the growth stage, multinational corporations, to software, data and technology of avant-garde enterprises.
Shopping centers or shops linked to the sector, fashion companies, luxury, jewelry, accessories, large distribution, specialized distribution and textile suppliers.
Companies of the world of life sciences: pharmaceutical laboratories, health technology companies or laboratory material, hospitals and clinics, among others.
Important companies of recognized prestige that carry out their activity in the sector, for example, hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies, airline companies, etc.
Primary sector companies such as agricultural, or services businesses such as real estate, educational services enterprises, etc.
The best professionals
Our mission is to search talent in any part of the world to satisfy the needs of our clients. We find the right people for each organization, helping them in their growth phases.
 We create a long-term strategic relationship with all our clients and candidates”
David Boixader, General Manager
Nuestra misión es la búsqueda de talento
Our mission is to search talent in any part of the world to satisfy the needs of our clients. We find the right people for each organization, helping them in their growth phases.
 Creamos una relación estratégica a largo plazo con todos nuestros clientes y candidatos”
David Boixader, General Manager